The main tools and options of WebEx rooms are:

  1. Participants panel: Shows the list of people in the room, according to their role (panelists and attendees).
  2. Chat panel: Allows you to send text messages to all participants in the room, or to a specific person (private message), or to all panelists.
  3. Icon options: When you activate any of these icons, it will appear next to your name, in the Participants panel (Raise your hand, “Yes” answer, “No” answer, Smiley faces and emoticons)
  4. Whiteboard: This is the area where hosts and panelists will share their screen, slides or other contents.
  5. Menu bar: Offers other options (for example, “Audio” to test your sound).
  6. Microphone: Shows the current status of your microphone (activated, muted).