If you need to configure your microphone and speakers (you can’t hear or others don’t hear you when you talk):

  • Go to the “Audio” menu, then “Speaker/Microphone Audio Test” to check your sound and microphone.
  • Check the volume of your microphone in your computer and in the WebEx room window (you will have a volume control slider when you open the room and in the "Audio" menu).
  • Make sure that at the left of your name a headset icon appears. If not, go to the menu, then “Audio”, then “Integrated Voice Conference”. Select “Join Conference” to begin listening.
  • Check the microphone installation in your computer, or ask for help from someone in your institution or someone with more technological expertise near you.

If none of these options work, you can write to your tutor or the VCPH Webmaster, or contact us through the VCPH Help Desk.