When you access the Virtual Campus Portal you will see a link for "Create Account". You must complete the account creation form and follow the instructions to enter your password. With this account you can access the Virtual Campus Portal and all the Virtual Classrooms.

You must look for the link "Forgot password" in the Virtual Campus Portal or Virtual Classrooms. The system prompts you to enter your user name or, if you do not remember it, your email address and sends you a message with instructions to reset your password and verify your username.

VCPH courses are an effort of the technical cooperation of PAHO and the countries of the region and are free to participants. That is why it is very important for you to be aware of the responsibility assumed by accepting to participate in a course.

The self-learning courses are completely free and can be completed at your own pace.

The selection process is made in the framework of the criteria for PAHO technical cooperation and the profile needed to participate in each course. Course coordinators make efforts to ensure participation by all countries.

Some courses are open for only certain countries.

Country nodes have their own criteria for the selection process based on the institutions that organize the courses.

In the framework of the Permanent Education in Health, all the VCPH ourses seek to develop skills for work on public health in the countries of the region.

Tutored courses require a commitment of 8 to 10 hours per week for course activities. These courses promote learning and collaboration among all participants. In these courses the participants exchange in forums, synchronous meetings and complete individual and group activities. Groups of between 10 to 15 participants are coordinated by a tutor.

Self-learning courses have open access, can be completed at your own pace, independently, and without defined schedules.

Open courses are tutored courses that have already finished. You can access all learning resources and materials.


In the Campus Portal, in each course page currently in call for applications, you will see a link to complete your online application form. You must choose the course you are interested in, carefully fill your data and provide the requested information.

To view the online form you must have previously created a user account in the VCPH. You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of your form.

You can also review the tutorial for more details on how to apply.

You can view the courses currently receiving application forms through the Portal, in the news section or by reviewing the list of courses in call for applications. Call for applications are also published through the VCPH social networks (Facebook, Twitter) and are visible in the list of courses in the Regional Classroom homepage.

The VCPH Portal news, publications on social networks, and the description of the courses in call for applications in the Regional Classroom contain the basic information about the course (objectives, contents, start and end dates of the course, requirements, coordinators, deadline to submit applications, course brochure).

About two weeks after the deadline to submit applications, the selection of participants for tutored courses is completed and an email is sent to the participants indicating whether they have been accepted or whether they will be able to apply for upcoming opportunities.

If accepted to participate in the course, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to enter the course in the Virtual Classroom and complete your enrollment. You can also check the status of your application by entering the Portal with your username and password and clicking on the link to "Application Follow-up" in the User Panel.

The commitment letter is required to participate in courses with tutors. By signing the letter, the applicant agrees to dedicate eight to ten (8-10) hours per week for course activities. It also certifies that the participant has the support of his/her work institution. The commitment letter template must be printed, signed by the applicant, including the signature and seal of the institution where he/she works. Then it must be scanned and attached to the application form.

If you do not send your commitment letter when you submit your application form, you can upload it later through the link "Application Follow-up" in the “Users panel” and clicking on the link "Edit" to modify the form information. On this page you'll find a button to select the file and upload it to the platform.

You must first enter the classroom with the Virtual Campus username and password you created. Once logged in the Virtual Classroom, in the upper right hand corner you will see your name and profile picture. If you click there, the User menu will open. Click the “Profile” option. Click on the “Edit profile” link in your profile page

This will open a form that will allow you to update your account information, adjust some settings in the Virtual Classroom, and upload your profile picture.


In virtual courses, presenting ourselves and sharing a profile picture allows greater familiarity with other course colleagues.

Our photo will appear next to our name in the forum exchanges and this facilitates dialogue and exchange.

Each course has its own characteristics.

In general, self-learning courses include multiple-choice questions to assess learning.

In courses with tutors, activities vary by subject area. There are courses in which the participant sends activities and exercises in Word documents, uploads the files in the Virtual classroom and then receive comments by their tutor, courses with multiple choice questions, group work and assignments, case studies, etc.

The purpose of these activities is to link the course contents with the work of the participant in health services.

First, you must find your tutor through the "Participants" link in the "People" block, available on the course homepage. You can filter the list by groups, or display only the tutors. Once you click on the name of your tutor, you will open his/her profile and you'll see a link to "Message". It is preferable to communicate with tutors via this internal messaging system of the Virtual Classroom. In urgent cases you can also use email.

First, you must find the course colleague who you want to send your message. This can be done in the "Participants" link in the "People" block, available on the course homepage. You can filter the list by groups. Once you click on the name or picture of the person you will open their profile and see a link to "Message".

In the “People” block, use the different filters to locate your name. You will see your profile and the name of the group to which you belong. In most cases, your tutor will contact you via the "Group exchange forum" of the course.

The Orientation program is a period of 1 to 2 weeks (only for courses with tutors) before the start of the modules, to meet colleagues and fellow students, tutors and coordinators, explore the Virtual Classroom platform and the tools available.

During the Orientation Program you will be able to:

  • Explore the Virtual Classroom and its resources
  • Complete your personal profile and upload your user picture
  • Participate in the Forums, presenting yourself in the Cybercafe / Presentation Forum.
  • Read the course syllabus.

All courses in virtual classrooms VCPH have a central area where the course content, activities, communication areas, and links to each of them will be displayed. You will also have the option of navigating between the various modules.

On the sides (left and right), various blocks will appear in gray. The main blocks are the Orientation Program block; People block (for a list of participants of the course); Administration block (presents options that change depending on the activity in which you are - forum, assignment, homepage, etc.); Messages block (to use the internal messaging system); specific blocks of each course with important links; and other blocks such as Comments, Calendar or Online Users.

When you are in any course or activity page and want to return to the course homepage, you can click on the initials of the course in the navigation bar that you will find below the horizontal menu.

In the “People” block, link to Participants, you can see a list of your classmates and tutors, their profile pictures and country of origin. If you click on the name of any of them or on their picture, you have access to the full profile, where you can see the information that has been placed in the field of "Personal description".